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Bill, Richard and Bryant Hightower
Bill, Richard and Bryant Hightower

Welcome to Hightower Family Funeral Homes.  For over 85 years we have been your choice for professional and dignified funeral and cremation services in the West Georgia area.  We are honored to be your trusted choice, and we take our commitment and dedication to serving you very personally.

While other funeral homes in our area may have sold out to, merged with, or are operated by corporate entities outside of Georgia, we remain family-owned and operated.  We feel you will notice the difference between us and "them" by simply walking through our doors. 

We thank you for your trust, confidence, and continued support.

Our Locations

Hightower Family Funeral Homes, Martin & Hightower Heritage Chapel Funeral Home Carrollton, Georgia

Hightower Family Funeral Homes, Hightower Funeral Home Bremen, Georgia

Hightower Family Funeral Homes, Hightower's Memorial Chapel, Douglasville, Georgia

West Georgia Memorial Park

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

The Function of Funeral in our Society

Death is the universal experience that inspires poets to write and artists to paint; yet most of us avoid the subject, or hurt so badly and feel so confused when confronted with death that we do not know what to think.

Loss of a loved one causes an overload of emotional response. It is a time when you feel greatly confused, a time when you are called upon to make numerous decisions and arrangements. If you are a widowed wife or husband, it is a time when you feel utterly alone.

In our society, however, grieving is a time for friends and family, for bestowing honor on the life of the deceased, for openly mourning death and for celebrating the living that continues.

The funeral is central to this time of bereavement. During funeral services, you draw strength from friends and family and from your spiritual beliefs. You reaffirm the value of your relationship with the deceased as you recount the joy of his/her life. And you begin to establish new identification with others as you face reality and enter a life redefined by the loss you have experienced.

Our professional staffs at Hightower Family Funeral Homes are committed to guiding you through the arrangement process and can handle many details for you.

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